Can you imagine…

what this world would be like if the disciples ignored Jesus when He told them to preach the Gospel~Good News~ to the world.

I have been told recently (basically) to stifle it… Understand I am not one to CRAM “my beliefs” down anyone’s throat. All I  have done is provided evidence from God’s Word that makes the “oneness” that’s getting crammed down my throat wrong. Everywhere I turn I am bumping into “Jesus Calling” (another Jesus by the way and I know most of you know that!). It’s coming from people that I was sure knew better.

There is definitely the feeling in this world that we are all one and that God is IN everyone-that we are all “God”… That is scary  and weird to me. Scary because so many people are falling for this lie of satan! I am very blessed to be able to say WEIRD but only because of the grace of God through His Holy Spirit do I know this…not of my own knowledge.

We need to GO OUT and share the GOOD NEWS! No matter the cost of “friends and/or family”! I have been tested lately and I KNOW what God thinks and says- it’s not always warm and fuzzy- is truth! His truth- not mine-not yours-HIS! DON’T GROW WEARY OR COMPLACENT! One day we will face our JUDGE!

❤ ❤ ❤