“Different Jesus ~Different Mary”

I still keep Roman Catholic materials coming to our home just to a) sometimes to have God’s Holy Spirit reassure me That JESUS is absolute truth! (That may sound strange for someone that has not been in bondage to Roman Catholicism- those of us that have been led out- or at least admittedly me- feel the tug of the liar telling us WE are wrong… “Did God really say that? ” as the serpent questioned Eve- and b) just to see what shenanigans are going on now and still.

The following is an ad that -ironically- has come out of a Roman Catholic magazine called “Christ is our Hope” August 2019 edition.

My question to them is if Christ is their hope why do they need their Mary? Why do they need their mystical Saint Mary Magdalene de’Pazzi (and their other hundreds of “Saints” that they pray to and through? Why? Because they have a different Jesus- a different Gospel (their “gospel ” is bad news NOT Good News 😢)

The dear Lord guided me to John 14:6 for that answer when I was desperately seeking His truth-the REAL GOD-THE REAL JESUS-in that verse Jesus tells EVERYONE “I am the way the truth and the life- no one comes to the father but by me (Jesus).”

As I pray to ready myself for a Roman Catholic wake and funeral tomorrow- I know I have to be prepared to walk out for sure during the “Rosary”…I just can’t stand the thought of even hearing it… I will make sure I am by a door for a quick -humbling escape…

That being said I am asking for prayer tomorrow- not just for me and my husband as we endure the agony -YES AGONY- of this service- but for those that maybe have the same burning questions that so many of us have had while we practiced this religion of idolatry 💕 If just ONE gets an answer tomorrow that’s one less that’s stuck in emptiness with the father of lies 🙏🏻💕

One more thing I saw this on a church board today:

“If you think you are half saved-you are totally lost”

Posted with absolute love on my heart for God’s absolute TRUTH that can only come from the Good Lord ❤️

Elvis Presley – How Great Thou Art LYRICS! HD! – YouTube

Dear Lord,

We have ABSOLUTELY no idea how truly great you are! But we are blessed to know that you ARE GREAT! So all our souls can blessedly do right now is sing that You are great! \We know that and believe that-FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER…\o/

In Jesus name-amen and amen!


Elvis Presley – How Great Thou Art LYRICS! HD! – YouTube
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… has been weighing heavy on my heart.

Taken from article:

Gluttony is a sin that many Christians find easy to laugh about and accept as harmless while sins such as being an alcoholic or adulterer are quickly attacked. The sin of gluttony is idolatry – it is a choice to self-love, comfort, and control through food. These Bible verses about gluttony will help you understand the seriousness that God places on this sin.


What’s stopping you from accepting Jesus Christ and leaving Catholicism? — excatholic4christ

Amen! John 14:6 Jesus says: “I am the way the truth and the life- no one comes to the Father but by me.”
NO ONE- HE IS IT – Please listen to Jesus ❤️❤️❤️

Catholic friend, come out of Roman Catholicism, repent of your sin and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior by faith alone, and then ask the Lord to lead you to an evangelical church in your area that preaches God’s Word without compromise. Is Catholicism a true or false religion? https://carm.org/is-catholicism-a-true-or-false-religion

via What’s stopping you from accepting Jesus Christ and leaving Catholicism? — excatholic4christ