17 thoughts on “A sad story that touched my heart ❤️

      1. We have a mentally handicapped little girl, (she’s only 5).

        And we’ll be in a store somewhere, and she’ll be telling everyone hi and stuff, and get this…most people won’t even speak to her.
        I feel so sorry for her.

        I told my wife Melissa that I’m glad about her condition, because at least she won’t be like these people out here in the world.

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      2. William along with the downs has autism but it fascinates me to no end that he TOTALLY knows what’s going on and what he wants! We have a device he can speak full sentences on-when he feels like it! Lol!
        He has a great sense of humor and is very loving! Most people don’t know this because they don’t want to be bothered with someone that’s different!
        Our other 5 children have learned much about special needs people having 2 brothers so that’s been good for them ❤️ Especially our daughter that is an ER nurse-she’s been taught compassion by the Lord because of her 2 little brothers and that reflects on how she treats all walks of life she encounters !

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      3. That’s a beautiful account of how God has worked within your family. And I know that they appreciate your taking the time to spend with them, showing them that you love them.
        I remember you writing about that device that William speaks into, and that touched my heart to think about how much y’all love each other.

        Maybe one day if you feel led to, you can feature a post about that device. Maybe another parent in a similar situation who doesn’t know about it can learn about it.

        Our little girl Lacey, was adopted by us. Granted by the court.
        She was hospitalized from starvation by negligent parents, and she nearly died. For months, all the bio parents gave her was gatorade, and she was hospitalized, and the authorities got involved.
        But as a result of her severe malnutrition, she has learning and speech difficulties. She’s slow.

        But she’s the sweetest little thing, and me and Melissa love her to pieces.
        She’s our miracle child from God.


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      4. That’s a great idea about that device! Thank you for that!
        And your Little Lacey is blessed by God to have you and Miss Melissa as parents! Teaching her love and about Jesus!
        Our 21 year old son said he wished he was William and Landon! He thinks they have it made-we just giggle at him ❤️

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      5. I want to add one note of correction to myself here…

        We were told that Lacey was only being fed Gatorade. I don’t remember the time period that she was fed only Gatorade.
        It may have been months, or it may not have been months.
        I just am not sure.
        Please forgive me for my wrong wording.

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