Me, Myself and My Selfie

“ We have become boring and blind to the wonder surrounding us.”
P.S. I personally don’t believe in the celebration of “Christmas” so I’m not drained from December . That being said and put aside -there is MUCH truth in this post!
The devil has people where he wants them- self absorbed and busy busy busy!

Into the Foolishness of God

Nothing says “Happy New Year” like a nice dose of some me-first philosophy. December was draining on us all, we sacrificed and spent and everyone is a bit tired. Come January, it’s me time. New goals, lifestyle changes… the world is our proverbial oyster. In this nutty world where so much business and chaos abound, isn’t it actually necessary to be selfish? How else will we ever be happy? Our true selves? Successful?

I’ve been seeing this new commercial from Apple touting their latest and greatest invention, the Slofie. It’s a selfie that your can take in slow-motion. I know. We can now all be in our own little shampoo commercials, flipping our hair in slow-mo for all to see. God help us all.

We inhabit a customizable world where everything points right back to ourselves. The idea that we should put ourselves first is totally normal now. It’s…

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