In Jesus name I pray 💕


Several years ago I heard a pastor in a Christian church end the prayer he was praying with these words… “in his name” we pray. It irked me to hear that generic term used. It was at a funeral service and there were different “faiths” in attendance.

Recently I attended a graduation and the person praying prayed as any Christian would pray until the prayer ended with… “in his name” we pray. There were also different “faiths” in attendance at this graduation.

I find this very disturbing. If we as believers can’t say “in Jesus name we pray” then we should give the microphone to someone else. We fear to offend any and all, but why don’t we fear to offend Jesus. Jesus who shed his blood, and suffered such shame and pain, for us. Brethren, by God’s grace be bold, and be not ashamed of the name above all…

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