My husband shared this with me:

I have not searched this entire website but do agree with them on the music- I once was caught up in it- gave me that feel good feeling-.

Jesus -God’s Only Begotten Son- is the only way to God- sometimes we are put in situations that don’t make us feel good- they can be down right uncomfortable-what if that music that we depend on to lift us up is not available at the moment?

Our faith is not based on feelings- but rest assured we can trust God- The Lord tells us in Isaiah:

Isaiah 41:10 – Fear thou not; for I [am] with thee: be not dismayed; for I [am] thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

13 thoughts on “Music

  1. TY. For true. At 80 I have been there(tried most things) and done that(searched for greener grass). I assure you, there is no greener grass than Sola Scriptura.:))

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  2. I so agree with this! In fact, I often hear worship referred to solely in the context of a worship service in a church which has to do with a praise band playing and singing music that oftentimes is about moving people emotionally. And, oftentimes, too, those emotional movements are mistaken as a filling of the Holy Spirit, and that is dangerous.

    Yes, music is part of our worship of God, but first and foremost our worship of God is described for us in Romans 12:1-2. If our lives are not given over to the Lord, surrendered to his purposes and will, and if we are still living our lives conformed to the ways of this sinful world, then we can’t truly worship God, for that is worship of God to be surrendered to our Lord and to be living lives which are separate from the world.

    Also, when we do worship the Lord with singing or with instrumentation, it doesn’t have to be professional sounding or worthy for a professional recording. True worship of God doesn’t even have to be on pitch when we sing. And, the tunes don’t have to be catchy. We are to speak to one another in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with whatever voice God gives to us. Too many people put too much focus on everything looking and sounding “professional,” but God is more interested in what is going on in our hearts and that when we worship him in song, that we are truly worshiping him with our lives.

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    1. Amen! Thank you for taking the time to make this comment!
      I agree with everything you said!!!
      I was into Jimmy Swaggart for a “season” and he really stressed how God has anointed his music and how people should buy it and on and on and on! One more reason I left that ministry behind!

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      1. We have to follow Jesus over people. We need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s voice. And, we need much discernment about these matters so that we don’t become followers of humans over God.

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    1. Yes! That was another reason we left a church that was growing so big they felt they needed to ask the congregation for $1,000,000.00 to expand. They have different “types” of music for one’s preference. We didn’t give but so many did that they saw it as a blessing from God ( no debt was accrued for this project)… that being said the growth was so much that not once did anyone come to us or contact us in anyway to see why we were no longer attending 😔 We apparently didn’t give enough.. but that’s ok no hard feelings- I feel bad for the trap of deception they have fallen into 😢

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      1. So sad. We also attended large churches in the past, two, and when the church is so big like that the individual disappears. Nothing like the fellowship we read about in the Bible where they met in houses and had fellowship like a real family. The Lord knows…

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