3 thoughts on “The Anchor Of Our Souls

  1. I thought the true church was created at Penticost, when the Holy Spirit was sent with the tongues of fire. There was no written word until somewhere around 68 Ad. Maybe I could be mistaken, I will research and let you know. Also you research also. :))

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      1. He did but the church was not formed until His death and resurrection. Then when He ascended to the Father, He told His disciples to wait until the comforter , the Holy Spirit came and they prayed and waited. I apologize. I thought you were talking about the New Testiment He bought with His life. He came first to the Jews but they rejected Him. He taught in the temple at age 12 or 13 because He was considered an adult and the priest were amazed at His understanding. The were expecting the Massiah to set up a worldly kingdom, but He told Pilot that His was not a kingdom of this world. The priest knew the word to the prophets by heart. He was a Jew crucified at the insistance of the ruling class of Jews. Like today, they knew who He was but did not care.:))

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