One day after truly knowing I had been Born Again I was driving down a back country road and I looked up at the sky… I had to pull over to the side of the road. I sat in the van looking up at the sky in awe-I cried I had never noticed how big and truly beautiful the sky is!

My next thought was thinking if the sky is this big GOD IS EVEN BIGGER THAN THAT!!!

Truly astonishing!


4 thoughts on “Reminiscing

  1. So Good! we can live in child-like awe and wonder when we are awake and aware of God’s glory, acknowledge His presence in us and all around us in Christ and Christ in us; making life an awesome, miraculous, amazing, astounding, marvelous mystery that God unveils in us that inspires even more awe and wonder!
    I love that Jesus “marveled” at unbelief, because He knows God our Father, and if anyone comes to know Christ Jesus as He is now, they could never live in unbelief again as they have “seen” the Father through Christ in them.
    Father, may all come to Your saving grace and know your glory!

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