My heart goes out to these people

Rom. 3.22 • Col. 2.13 • Heb. 10.14

Hi there, good mornin to you. I want you to know that I actually care, I’m not posting this to be condescending or anything like that. I want so much to see people set free in Christ. Smiles, Sonshine, and niceness to you my friend. God has set love in my heart. 🙂

Recently, I saw a preacher who was defending that the Christian lives by the law of Moses. And really, that teaching typifies all kinds of preaching and teaching across the whole spectrum of religiosity. And what you end up with, are a lot of people who are professing Christians who are assessing their (and other’s) relationship with God by one’s works. It in reality is a spiritual veil that is blinding their grasping the simplicity of resting in Christ’s righteousness. 2 Corinthians 3.14 describes this in reference to Jews, (but it also applies to anyone who is…

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