23 thoughts on “Ecumenism Update

  1. I periodically listen to three of the pastors mentioned there (Laurie, Stanley & MacArthur). So far, I have not encountered false teaching from Stanley and Laurie all the years I have heard them. If you have, please direct me to it. I don’t know what their personal motives are for joining the movement but I would assume they have to seize the opportunity to get with the “heretical” pastors to try to win unsuspecting Christians lining up to this deceptive Ecumenical Movement that works to unite Christianity with other major religions. If a Mormon Church invited you to preach the true gospel in their pulpit, would you turn down the opportunity for those who desperately need to hear the truth? I would consider it a divine appointment.

    Even though John MacArthur is a great expositor, I have reservations about him since he had close ties to R.C. Sproul who was a preterist. I heard him caught offguard with a live Q&A session regarding the Mark of the beast and he gave a pretty scary and damning answer. Preterists have allegorized the Second Coming with some even believing we are living in the New Earth already. Revelation 21 clearly states the first earth has to pass away and if people are paying close attention to the times like Jesus prescribed, they would see that the first earth, as we speak, is in the brink of passing away.

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      1. I am iffy about those kinds of books like coming back from heaven accounts, familiar spirit visitations and NDE’s especially. Necromancy is against scripture and it seems the family experiencing the tragedy is dealing with a familiar spirit which deludes many people especially those coping with the loss of a loved one.

        I am not covering for Greg Laurie. I have not personally heard him say questionable things in his teachings per se, but it is scary that he would endorse such a book unless he did it as a courtesy without reading it in full, kinda like some people who click “Like” on a post here in WP without reading the post in full. People can fall prey to this mistake.

        I for one need to hear people say something damning personally before I question them. Thanks for the link! I highly regard Dave Hunt’s ministry through the Berean call and he is missed. I enjoyed his particular exposees on Calvinism and Roman Catholicism.

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      2. I like art stuff but I am not personally into those coloring books. I colored some bookmarks in that format and I lost interest. I finished 2 of them but definitely not looking into doing it again.

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      3. Good warning. I colored those same bookmarks in fact and they are the ones I referred to. I plant flowers. I love them and they weren’t Mandalas.

        Not to be a skeptic but is there a more solid video clip of Charles Stanley/Greg Laurie teaching something that *you* personally found to be heretical instead of somebody’s word?

        I am most curious on that. Please understand my caution. I have encountered someone who pointed out some pastors as false to have no solid proof. I hope you don’t mind a Berean mindset.

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      4. Of course I don’t mind ❤️ but honestly I don’t ☹️ I have listened to him, too- and I hate to admit it- but something he said bothered me- and honestly I don’t remember what it was- I started digging around and just quit listening to him- for better or worse?

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      5. I know his son Andy Stanley preaches some weird doctrine. I listened to Charley Stanley since 2006. I have not listened to him as much in about 4 years now on a regular basis but from time to time.

        I asked you for specificity because if it this is from the Lord, I need to see it. I think you would expect the same courtesy from someone to be able to explain yourself and prove it especially if the situation were reversed and tell you that they thought you said something unbiblical.

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