I am going to be a …

… a grandparent again!!!

I am so excited! Our precious grand daughter is due March 1st on her papa’s birthday!!!

I have a question:

Does anyone out there have an idea that I could gift the maternal grandmother with? A poem? Just something to share with her? I have never done that before but both of our children that married each other came into this world under special circumstances so because we share that “bond” I just wanted to share a lil something with her ❤️

15 thoughts on “I am going to be a …

      1. Yay I love a challenge and a topic or person to write about. Can you tell me some stuff about her? I’ll give you my email amyblount92@gmail.com her first name. How many kids she has or grandchildren. Is she saved or not. Is this her first grandchild. Is it a boy or a girl. Does she have a tradition she does for her grandkids? Does she have any talents?

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