… has been weighing heavy on my heart.

Taken from article:

Gluttony is a sin that many Christians find easy to laugh about and accept as harmless while sins such as being an alcoholic or adulterer are quickly attacked. The sin of gluttony is idolatry – it is a choice to self-love, comfort, and control through food. These Bible verses about gluttony will help you understand the seriousness that God places on this sin.

6 thoughts on “Gluttony…

  1. Thanks, Beth. This brought back memories from the first Bible-preaching church we attended. They had their pet sins like drinking alcohol, smoking (much more popular back then), homosexuality, dancing, and listening to rock music, but half of the adults were obese. Well, now I’m obese myself by medical standards (>30.0 BMI). I need to stop being so gluttonous and lose some weight as I head into my senior years.

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