13 thoughts on “Different god then the God of God’s Holy Bible. Period. End.

  1. Such a fable! I wrote the following in a post from a year ago that referred to the Loreto fable:
    Catholic tradition states that angels carried the Santa Casa (“holy house”), alleged home of Joseph, Mary and Jesus, from Nazareth to Tersatto, Croatia, then to Recanati, Italy, and finally to Loreto. Modern Catholic revisionists understood the need for a more conventional explanation and concocted the story of a mysterious aristocratic family, the “Angelos,” sponsoring the relocation of the house from Palestine to Europe, which gradually gave rise to the popular myth of “angels” flying the house over the Mediterranean.

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      1. So silly to claim that is the genuine house. It’s really fascinating to see a list of all of the personal relics of Jesus and Mary that Catholic churches claim to possess. In many cases, multiple churches claim to possess the genuine article. Such a sham.

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