One day…

… every eye will see the ABSOLUTE TRUTH and those that mocked God’s people will wish they had not of done that 😞❤️

Remember, they think they are mocking us. They do not realize that they are not mocking us-what they are sadly doing is mocking the God that created them, too.

2 thoughts on “One day…

  1. That’s the truth, I think along these lines frequently Elizabeth.

    So much of the world mocks us, or at the least, has a cavalier attitude towards God’s offer of mercy to them.

    And I think to myself,

    You keep having that prideful attitude or yours, and one day you’re going to see the sun, moon, and stars go pitch black, and you’re going know what fear is then, and you’re going to wish that you would had not been arrogant when you had the chance to receive God’s offer to you.

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