A Person I Was Dealing With Yesterday

I am beginning to understand that if one does not believe in God’s sovereignty they will also not believe that they are sinning against Him. The person I was dealing with LOVINGLY is an alcoholic that was forced to go to AA and never really quit drinking ☹️. I did not point out this person’s alcoholism because this person said they didn’t want to drink anymore but can’t imagine life with out alcohol. This person said they just wanted to be “normal” so I didn’t feel led to discuss their drinking. I felt led to share the testimony God has given me to share in times such as this. They seemed thankful but did not want to talk about God ( avoiding that). But I know this person read what The Good Lord did for me when I was drowning in my own muck and more. I also know God doesn’t force His love on us this person needs to understand that God forgives and loves us unlike the world.
DEAR LORD- AS THIS PERSON GOES OUT INTO THE WORLD TODAY-TO A PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL GAME I PRAY THAT ALCOHOL THAT TOUCHES THIS PERSON’S LIPS IS BITTER AND DISGUSTING AND A HEART CHANGE OCCURS RIGHT THERE ON THE SPOT – I pray something that I was led to share through Your Word is planted , fertilized and blooms! In Jesus name I lovingly pray for this person~Amen and Amen


7 thoughts on “A Person I Was Dealing With Yesterday

  1. Amen!

    It is in understanding God’s holiness and our unholiness to stand before a holy, holy, holy God. May this person realize his unworthiness before a most holy God and turn from his sinful ways unto Christ Jesus and his righteousness. Lord make this man embarrassingly sick from the alcohol today and everyday he drinks it and let it witness his need for You . amen

    Have a blessed Lord’s Day, Elizabeth! \o/

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  2. Good mornin Elizabeth.

    Something happened to me that may or may not be fitting for this situation, so only use my example if it’s appropriate.

    I’ll tell you something that happened to me.

    I drank for many years, beginning in my teens, and well into adulthood.

    And God gently took away my desire for alcohol.

    Fast forward a few years, and I joined a legalistic church.

    Do you know what happened? When church law was put on me, that “all alcohol consumption is forbidden for everyone.”

    Guess what I did?…
    I started drinking again.
    This went on for a couple of years, until God gently and privately removed alcohol from my life.

    The point I want to express is, when the focus is forbidding a certain sin, sometimes that’s going to have the opposite effect of what you hope will happen.

    So I wouldn’t focus on the sin, I would tell him about God’s grace and love, and His wonderful sin payment for all of that man’s sins.

    What I said may or may not be appropriate, I don’t know, you do what you believe to be right.
    I am only tossing my account in in case it can be of help.

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    1. And a P. S. This person is an employee of my husband and the drinking is starting to effect the job. My husband has been given a soft heart from the Lord so it is a difficult situation for him to deal with. The job is all year but agricultural based and seasonally busy. When one is not showing up for their job – that the Good Lord is allowing them- it can throw a monkey wrench in the whole
      process 😞 So my husband needs prayers to get through this, too, please ❤️

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