“Why does God allow bad things?”

I had this question posed to me and this is what I “heard”:

Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


Why does God get blamed for the evil man commits against another when all He wants for us is peace?

He knows what it’s like to have man commit evil against Him- against His own Son Jesus-so He is compassionate towards those that have been wronged.

I’m struggling to say more than that?

Is there a more fitting scripture I am missing? It’s very difficult for one that is struggling against God for them to understand- OR want to understand- that which is truth and puts God’s goodness against one’s evil and sin… I appreciate anything anyone scripturally would like to add to this ❤️

10 thoughts on ““Why does God allow bad things?”

  1. I know why but I think I am trying to explain it in a way that will change his heart immediately – if a person is in a rebellious state of heart they don’t want to know- anything one says scripturally won’t “make sense” to the unbeliever…
    do you know what o mean? I was that guy at one time…

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  2. I think so what about Jeremiah17:9 and I did a Left Behind Letter for those left behind after the Rapture here’s part of it. If you think you’re a good person you are wrong read Romans 3:9-23 and we are not saved by works but grace through read Ephesians 2:8-9 I don’t know if this helps. Remember what Jesus says in Matthew 19:16-22

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  3. Beth, perhaps this will help? When we look at the cross and see what evil a perfectly good Man, Jesus, endured by sinful men we can see that God permits what He hates to accomplish what He loves. God hates those bad things but He loves us and has better things for us because of it. And by His wisdom He does that which gives Him the most glory. Does God not say that it rains on the good and bad alike?

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  4. I am beginning to understand that if one does not believe in God’s sovereignty they will also not believe that they are sinning against Him. The person I was dealing with LOVINGLY is an alcoholic that was forced to go to AA and never really quit drinking ☹️. I did not point out this persons alcoholism because this person said they didn’t want to drink- this person just wanted to be “normal” so I didn’t feel led to discuss their drinking. I felt led to share the testimony God has given me to share in times such as this. They seemed thankful but did not want to talk about God ( avoiding that). But I know this person read what The Good Lord did for me when I was drowning in my own muck and more. I also know God doesn’t force His love on us this person needs to understand that God forgives and loves us unlike the world.
    DEAR LORD- AS THIS PERSON GOES OUT INTO THE WORLD TODAY-TO A PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL GAME I PRAY THAT ALCOHOL THAT TOUCHES THIS PERSON’S LIPS IS BITTER AND SISGISTING AND A HEART CHANGE OCCURS RIGHT THERE ON THE SPOT – I pray something that I was led to share through Your Word is planted , fertilized and blooms! In Jesus name I lovingly pray for this person~Amen and Amen

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