Psalm 9:9 ~”The LORD also will be a refuge for the *oppressed. A refuge in times of trouble.”

*OPPRESSED: burdened with unreasonable impositions; overpowered; overburdened; depressed.


If only more people would have faith in Him and come to Him for refuge- protection- there would not have to be suicides…

~Amen and Amen.

10 thoughts on “** THE LORD IS SUICIDE PREVENTION **

      1. That’s fine, Beth. ❤
        Because Diana spoke about suicide the E.R. had to get her into a psychiatric unit. Tomorrow I want to check on her. Her grown children have abandoned her. She has an older sister. Diana's health is poor. She was 67 yesterday.


      2. AAAAW, Maria! Bless Diana’s broken heart! May she answer the leading of God’s Holy Spirit to call out to Him-she be restored through our Lord and Saviour Jesus and PRAYERFULLY she will refuse psych meds! In Jesus Name-Amen and Amen! ❤

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  1. Thanks, Beth. This post is providential. I have a very good friend, Bill, who has been hit hard by a number of difficult circumstances over the past several years and is now going through a divorce. He is very depressed and is talking about suicide. I have witnessed to him several times and hope to again. I would appreciate prayers from all who read this. Thank you.

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