15 years ago today…

…the Good Lord allowed a set of identical twin boys with Down Syndrome into our lives! ❤ ❤ ❤

It’s been an EYE opening experience to say the least!

Until you have experienced it yourself you just won’t understand the noises-the constant twirling of a toy tied together with yarn used as a “friend”-the imaginary friends-the talking through a device-the need to eat certain things all the time-the watching of Sesame Street at the age of 15-the PURE innocence…

This a.m. we had a scare~ Landon became ill with the dry heaves and passed out. Landon weighs 45 more lbs than me-so for me to catch him falling would have been  fruitless- I am thankful to the Good Lord that Landon slid down the door and I could gently lay  him down. I thought,”LORD, it’s his birthday he can’t die today please!” We weren’t sure if he had a seizure. With prayer and a trip to the DR. ALL IS GOOD \o/ When we were done he said with that sweet voice and with the sweetest lil face  “Mom. I am sorry that I scared you.” He was so sorry for me and not even himself! He made me cry  ❤

I think back to when I was first pregnant and because of my age they offered me that test for down syndrome. Of course I opted out saying “we will cross that bridge when we get to it”…LITTLE DID I EVEN SUSPECT the journey the GOOD LORD was about to take us on! LOL!


God is good ALL of the time!!!

13 thoughts on “15 years ago today…

  1. Bless their hearts.
    Landon’s words would have made anyone cry.

    But they have a good mother in you Elizabeth. Because your love for them is radiant in your words.

    God bless all of y’all. And happy birthday to Landon and William. 🎉

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    1. Thank you so much, Lee! I just can not explain the love the Lord has shown through them! I am not “worshiping” them 😉 Just grateful because the “situation” has actually led me to seek the Lord more ❤

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  2. Your son’s words made me tear up ! Praising our Lord, Landon is doing well.
    How AWESOME is our God.
    Thank you for sharing. Happy Birthday to your boys and blessings to all of you.

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