How are you?

Yesterday I had some errands to run. One of those errands was to the Dollar Tree. As I approached the counter a somber man asked in a robotic voice, “How are you?” I answered and said,” Fine, thank you.”

Then it occurred to me “WAIT I AM NOT JUST “fine” I AM BLESSED”! So I told him that. The wheels were turning and he didn’t know what to say… at first. He then says, “I guess I am, too. I have more than most people. I have a job and stuff.”

I said, “That is great that you have been allowed those things! But, we are truly blessed when we know Jesus as our Saviour.”

He said,”Uh-huh…yeah… that is true!”

As I was gathering my bags together a new customer came up. She said “Hi, how are you?” to him.

He said, “I am blessed!” I looked at him and we both smiled! I hope he continued that through his day!

GOD IS SO GOOD! Just that little bit He gave me to share was actually a lot of “bit”! We don’t have to run on all the time with words!A simple reminder to me from the Lord that I am blessed reminded some one else that they are, too! It is that simplicity in Jesus Christ that does it! He did it! We get the reward! HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD? TO GOOD TO PUT INTO WORDS!



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