It is very disturbing to me how many people are following a different Jesus in the “Jesus Calling” books. MANY people I personally know.

I have gone to Lighthouse Trails Research and have ordered some of their pamphlets to share with people. Very informative. Their is also a book out written by Warren B. Smith ~a former New Ager~ called “Another Jesus” Calling that would be good information on why this book is so wrong and how Sarah Young’s “Jesus” is a different Jesus.




It is so VERY important that people are warned!

Shared with the love found in the SIMPLICITY of Jesus the Christ~ The way GOD intended!


❤ ❤ ❤

4 thoughts on “Disturbing

  1. That’s good that you warn people about this. I try to do the same thing in my own way.
    The masses typically follow another Jesus don’t they?

    Keep warning others as the Lord leads you Elizabeth. Remember Jesus in Matthew 24? Remember Paul in Galatians?
    There is the necessity to warn people about following another Jesus.

    There is torment in hell & the lake of fire for those who reject the true Christ.

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      1. I know what you mean. There’s always that tension that exists in the sharing hope and the warning of danger. Both should be presented without apology.

        Don’t worry about man’s acceptance. Do what God leads you to do Elizabeth.

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