My advice. Not that it is probably needed. BUT just in case.

I went to a birthday party (full of “lady” angel statue gifts) for an 85 year old aunt-in-law . I engaged in conversation with a cousin -in-law’s wife whom I love dearly.  She believes that we all have the same God and that “Jesus Calling” is a “wonderful”  book.

Shame on me. I did not pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit before I left for this party and I could tell… Of all party’s this should have been one that I didn’t even need to think twice about praying for before we left.

My advice: PRAY before you go anywhere you never ever know who is going to be put in front of you. Don’t try to engage in conversation about the Lord when people are drinking. Invite them over or to breakfast/ lunch when they are sober.

The end.

❤ ❤ ❤




4 thoughts on “My advice. Not that it is probably needed. BUT just in case.

  1. Elizabeth, believe me, as a child of God, if He has something to say to someone in your company He will say it and say it through you. And even better that you have not time to think about what to say. And, yes, it should be our constant prayer that the Holy Spirit fill us and guide us.

    I’ve even had the Lord tell me to keep quiet about the Gospel to a certain person. I had witnessed Christ and spoke the Gospel to her years before but now, I was told to hush. The Lord showed me that she scorned His Word and those who spoke it to her.

    Have a blessed Lord’s Day, Elizabeth and family! \o/

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