So our 2 special needs boys started a special summer camp. The first time in the 14 years they have been on earth that I have allowed them to be out of my sight besides school.

I was super excited about it! They needed some independence and I have THOROUGHLY checked the place out! ALL GOOD! Everyone there is from the special needs “community” or will be going into it as helpers or teachers.

Along with their activities they will be going on field trips. We were given tshirts to be worn as a group when they go on these trips. They are bright green (can see them a mile away 🙂 ) with a set of hands making a heart shape with the words:


I love these ladies (and the one man) that run the program through the park districts in our area. They are sweet and VERY caring. But why? Why does everything have to be about every one else but Jesus? The quote may seem harmless but as a born again believer I find Gandhi offensive.

People are so under the delusion that “we-people” can make the world a better place-if only we would get rid of ALL the guns-if only we would ALL just accept each other-if only we would ALL just…well you get the “picture”.

This world has a heart issue and not ALL are going to change because so many have and will continue to reject Jesus. Jesus changes our hearts individually so that we may share Him with ALL… so that we do NOT have to perish but so that we can be brought to life everlasting.

We need Jesus to change our hearts not quotes from an eastern mystic named Gandhi. Because in the end that is all that it is a quote from a guy called Gandhi. Not a genuine heart change from our Saviour named Jesus.


13 thoughts on “Gandhi…

  1. Have we become so wrapped up in “MAKING THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE” that we have forgotten that one day we will not be here…are we neglecting our life ever after? While there is certainly nothing wrong with making wrongs ~ right, we just need to remember there is life after this earthly life! Life everlasting through our Lord and Saviour Jesus THE Messiah ❤
    Not Gandhi-Buddha-The Pope or "Mother Teresa" or Mary…

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    1. Great post, Elizabeth! All the best to your sons! It sounds like a fun time for them.

      I asked a Christian brother something like what you stated here: “Why do these people exert so much effort into a utopian society that they will most likely never see in their lifetimes if such a life could be had by them?” He said these people actually believe they will see it after they have passed on. Its either in the false hope of life eternal or reincarnation into a better and better life (yet life is getting worse and worse!). All the false religions believe their way leads to paradise. Many, no, most, will realize the truth only after stepping through death’s door. 😦

      God bless you and your boys!

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      1. Amen to every word you shared, Sherry! So sad 😦
        Thank you for sharing that!!!
        The boys are asking to go . Even William our non-verbal on his speaking device is telling me he wants to go to the “park”!

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  2. You worded this article very well. Absolutely excellent article.

    You also touched on the heart change that only life in Jesus can bring. Man that’s so true. If there’s one condensed way of describing a regenerated person, it’s a Holy Ghost heart change. A person’s thinking really changes doesn’t it?

    You want to hear something about Ghandi messages? There’s a presbyterian church near my work, and on their marquee, I’ve seen Ghandi quoted, (the only way I knew it was a Ghandi quote, was because the name Ghandi was placed after the quote).
    (I don’t remember what the quote was), but it was something brief and catchy like what you described on your son’s camp shirts.

    And good mornin to you. 😃

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      1. That’s exactly right. He led a lot of people to hell in diverting them from Christ.

        Can you believe a church quoted him on their billboard?
        I probably wouldn’t have believed it either if I hadn’t seen it myself.

        Ghandi was an agent of satan.

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    1. Thank you, Maria ❤ They truly are. It was hard to let them go at first but they need some away from mom time… LOL! The boys just turned 14 in April and Landon (the verbal twin) is SUCH a teenager! He gets a little mouthy!


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