Can Roman Catholics have a “personal relationship” with Jesus Christ?

“The Bible certainly speaks of obedience and good works, but we can only walk with the Lord in obedience AFTER we have accepted Him as Savior.”


Can a Roman Catholic have a “personal relationship” with Jesus Christ? Such a question is not well-received in this era of watered-down theology and inclusiveness. But before you become offended, let’s take a look at this query calmly and objectively.

It’s referred to in different ways – trusting in Christ, accepting Jesus as personal Savior, knowing Christ, following Christ, accepting Jesus into your heart, etc., – but they all refer to a moment in time when a person comprehends they are a sinner and deserves eternal punishment, that Jesus Christ, God the Son, came into this world and died for their sins, but rose from the grave and offers them forgiveness and eternal life, and the person comes to Jesus in prayer and genuinely accepts Him as their Savior by faith alone, knowing they themselves did not do a single thing to earn the gift of salvation that Christ offers. When a person…

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