Should Christians support the Pope?

Shared with the love of God’s Truth that only He can put on one’s heart for the lost.  Only God through Jesus Christ has that power. He is soooo good like that ❤



5 thoughts on “Should Christians support the Pope?

  1. Good mornin. 😃
    I don’t know much about roman catholicism. But (as I understand it, but I could be mistaken), that the pope claims to have the authority to forgive sins, and his word is authoritative as scripture. If that’s so, that sort of religion is blasphemous.

    No way, I wouldn’t support the pope. I don’t support the pope, I never have.
    But I would in kindness appeal to him to believe the gospel if I had personal access to him just like anyone else.

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  2. Thanks, Elizabeth. Compromise and betrayal is rampant in the church. A survey done in 2015 immediately prior to the pope’s visit to America asked Protestant pastors, both liberal and evangelical, about the pope. Asked if they considered the pope their brother in Christ, 58% of evangelical pastors said yes, 19% weren’t sure, and only 23% said no.

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