NO and NO.

I feel led this beautiful (cold, damp rainy 😉 ) morning to write about the weather and it’s comparison to things that happen in our life’s.

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up everyday to a sunny, ,75-80 degrees, no humidity with just a SLIGHT breeze day?

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up everyday and not have one thing go wrong?

NO and NO.

Can you imagine EVERYDAY the weather being that perfect in this world? If it didn’t rain or snow though there would be dry brittle ground. Perhaps nothing would grow (though God is THE Miracle worker and can make things grow!) The oceans and rivers, etc would probably dry up. As bad as the wind can be it does have it’s purpose some purpose damages some does not. That is up to the Lord. As annoying as humidity can be to “man’s” vanity (ie. hair and such)  it does put extra moisture in the air for what ever purpose God has made humidity to serve. As pretty as the weather described above sounds it can be damaging to have it EVERYDAY!

Can you imagine everyday not ever having a problem in this world? Me. either! I would not be where I am if God had not allowed me the struggles and heartaches that He has. I also made some very bad choices in this world because I did not CONSULT with Him. I did what “I” wanted. I believe He knew what I needed to go through to get to Him and by His GRACE ONLY He has allowed that for me.  I never wish hardships on anyone BUT for me I have looked back and seen them as blessings. I have learned not to ask “why?”.  I have learned that HE loves me and would allow me anything so that in my darkness I would be led to the LIGHT. The LIGHT of a Saviour that “while I was yet a sinner He died for me”. I didn’t deserve to be led there. None of us do. That is just how MUCH He loves us!

I have learned to accept God’s gift for us through His Only Begotten Son ~ Jesus. No we DON’T deserve it! It is a FREE GIFT given to us by our Heavenly Father. If we reject that gift we reject HIS perfection and we reject our Salvation freely given to us. Something we can’t earn! Just accept! We have no one to blame but self when we live in rejection, It is not God’s fault. It is ours.

If you don’t understand why everything isn’t “perfect” in your world…why you are enduring the pain and suffering in this world you CAN come out of the darkness. You can have THE answer. Reach out to God through Jesus. Those storms in life you are enduring will make sense to you. He will set you free and you will then know WHO is carrying through and why.  Will everything all of the sudden perfect and easy? No. In fact when we are made separate from the world it is more trying…but we have The Lord Our God to get us through and ENDURE until the end. We are no longer EVER standing by ourselves. The Lord Our God stands with us guiding us with His Holy Spirit that is NEVER wrong (though the world wants to make that claim!).

WE NEED RAIN, WIND, SNOW, EARTHQUAKES, TSUNAMI’S, THUNDER, LIGHTNING, SUNNY DAYS, HUMID DAYS. WE ALSO NEED TO ENDURE AN IMPERFECT LIFE TO BE SHOWN TRUE PERFECTION THROUGH THE PERFECTOR HIMSELF. THE LORD OUR GOD. YES! He will start making  you into a new creature ~ the new creature that is set free~ the new creature that knows now that joy comes in the “morning” we just have to let Him guide us through the “night” for His honor and glory.



5 thoughts on “NO and NO.

  1. Good one! Reminds me of that old saying, You can’t truly enjoy the sweet until you’ve tasted the bitter. “Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”

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