I heard the News today,.. oh my:  theunfetteredpreacher 

“If we hide it, deny it, or if we haven’t been taught truth, we are left with the lie. Soon we will repeat the history we are scrambling to scrub from our lives.”


I am a talk radio junkie. For the uninformed, it almost naturally follows, that I am a Christian, Conservative.

We the people, (regardless of our politics), cannot avoid hearing the main stream media, all the time, everywhere we go.

Since it is what we hear, all our lives, it appears to be, and most of us, accept it, as Truth, the Normal, both Reality Based and Sane.

It almost certainly isn’t.

The News Media, with the help of our Godless Politicians, have claimed normalcy, for gay marriage, transgender, transracial, and white privilege, ideas, all to be acceptable, and we must embrace them.

These things, are neither normal or true. Free speach, is not hate speach, as it is quickly being labeled.

It doesn’t matter what Bruce or Bradley do, or think, they may call themselves females, but they will always be males.

Rachel and Elizabeth are both Caucasian, and women.

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