Have you ever…

been “overly” enthusiastic about The Lord and what He has done for you knowing He is able to do the same for others that are lost?

Have you ever…

been so enthusiastic towards one that claims they are Christian only to be told you are “too” enthusiastic.

Will someone please help me understand…

how we can be “overly” enthusiastic? How can we not be excited when reflecting upon the Lord and what He has done for us?

I remember being one that rolled my eyes at some one that was enthusiastic about The Lord when I didn’t believe the way they did.


Are we to be on fire or lukewarm?

I knew it was time to leave. You know when that “feeling” comes across you to be still or leave? And I was NOT even jumping up and down! It must have been the enthusiasm in my voice…

God is good and I believe that they felt convicted. When they thanked my husband and I for something we gave God the glory and said to “Thank God, not us.” This person said, “I am going to thank you”…

❤ Just wondering and will respect any comment one wants to make pertaining to this post ❤


11 thoughts on “Have you ever…

      1. Oh, okay. Now I understand better. Originally I thought you were talking about quitting a church.

        Yes, I understand what you’re talking about, and I’ve encountered similar situation.
        You are right, people often don’t relate to our zeal. But try to keep in mind that without the indwelling Spirit, people can only relate in a way that’s known to them.
        So assuming they’re not born again, I wouldn’t make too much of it.
        You did what you felt led to do. And that’s always the right move.
        Just keep reflecting His love to these people. And you might be the one that they go to when they want to know how to get what you’ve got. 😃

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      2. And I don’t even know why I was originally thinking it was about leaving a church. Because you told me that you too don’t have a church.
        I guess my brain wasn’t firing on all cylinders.

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  1. This is the sort of question that these venues are great for. I’m glad you asked it. I was telling my wife today what a blessing this venue is for me. Like you, I don’t have a church, so I don’t have much in the way of Christian fellowship. And us Christians being able to communicate with each other is a really good thing.

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