“In doing this, we aren’t be judgmental or Bible thumpers. We’re merely trying to give them an antidote for their affliction. “

Someone once told me that if you have something precious, and you don’t share it with others, you’re being selfish. That really makes sense, especially if you have a specific talent like singing, or writing or painting. If you keep it all to yourself, you are denying others the pleasure of having it in their lives too.

We, as Christians, have the greatest treasure in Jesus, Christ and because of the joy that message brings, we must not keep it to ourselves. In fact we are commissioned to get the Word out. This is a gift that must be shared not just with other Christians, but with those who are looking for answers in their lives. Everyone has something in their life that is causing pain or conflict.  Start listening to them, rather than talking about yourself.  It doesn’t take long to see where their needs lie.

In doing this…

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  1. That’s a very good perspective.
    People don’t need salvation salesmen and theologians. They need to see Christ’s LOVE in us. The Holy Ghost is Who does all of the work within a person.

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