I Am Redeemed

Have you been redeemed? Do you know that you can be FREE from your past sins? Your past can be washed away! You can be made a new creature because of God through Jesus the Christ! Some will tell you that God is just an imaginary “friend”…that is a lie of the devil. Don’t believe it! satan has been destroyed he roams around the earth lying ~ and devouring whom ever will listen to him and believe him. he won’t tell you Jesus loves you… no he will keep whispering lies in your ear telling you that “you are too bad to go to The Lord, He will never forgive you”” Then why did He die for you and I?   GOD IS POWERFUL! HE IS VERY REAL!  YOU CAN BE MADE A NEW CREATURE! SHAKE THE FLESHLY DESIRES AWAY! FEEL THE CHAINS FALL! HEAR THEM CLANK TO THE GROUND! OH YES! HE IS VERY REAL, VERY POWERFUL AND YOU CAN BE REDEEMED THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS! THANK YOU, JESUS!!! THERE IS NO FEELING LIKE THAT OF BEING CLEANSED BY YOUR BLOOD!

He IS seated at the right hand of God! The Bible is not a Once Upon The Time story…


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