A Privilege.

As the world celebrates Mother’s Day, I can not let it go by with out` FIRST AND FOREMOST~ giving The Lord our God the honor and glory.

First of all for allowing the joy of motherhood.

Second of all for being there for us when our children hurt or we are heartbroken for them. For being there to guide us and lead us to pray for them through His Holy Spirit. For helping us keep our sanity. To put us in our “place” as our children move out, marry and have their own children.

To me,  you see, motherhood is another event that places us in a position to know our heavenly Father and to know when we need Him for the children He has allowed us to grow and nurture for His glory and honor. I wish I would have known then what I know now more about The Lord for my older 3 children. But I didn’t and I have been forgiven for that. It is never too late to teach them about the Lord and maybe when they are older,  they are more able to see the change The Lord does for a parent more than when they were younger? I don’t know. BUT I do know I am honored to have the children I have and to have experienced the loss of those that were not meant to stay with us on earth.


If you do not have children but you know the Lord you are STILL just as privileged as myself or anyone else with children ❤ You are not forgotten today. I am sure today may not always be easy on you but you know YOU are loved!  You are a child~ A CHILD OF GOD!

5 thoughts on “A Privilege.

  1. This was written in a way that I believe can help a lot of current moms, as well as comfort those who grieve because they aren’t a mom.
    So I’m posting this to my site. Your article will be my article, to recognize mother’s day. 😃

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