About Bill-Living with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

I highly encourage you to read about Bill! YES! GOD IS GOOD ALL OF THE TIME~ ask Bill ❤




7 thoughts on “About Bill-Living with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

    1. Me either! I am just so pleased that he can communicate!!!
      We have a son with Autism (and Down Syndrome) as you may know. Our William can not speak words but he communicates with a device! IN FULL SENTENCES! I love that the Lord has made a way for those that do not have a voice to let us know what is up and that they are WELL aware of what is going on around them! I especially love that they share their faith with us! We walk around taking advantage of the use of our voice and limbs! God has been so kind in that fashion, too!
      Even in technology though~ what God has meant for good ~ some have made it evil!

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      1. When I read about Bill and William, it makes me feel guilty for the cavalier disregard I have for the full function of my body that God has given to me.
        Thank you for posting things that help us appreciate what God has given to us.

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