I am convinced…

that “i” can not convert people. It is not my job to convince or convict people. It is my “job” to only share my testimonies of what HE has done for me.  Many want to stay where they are in “their” comfort zone. I can not walk away being discouraged. I can only walk away blessed that I~ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD~know the truth. I could never make up what HE has done for me!


Share HIM lovingly knowing their is no argument to be had. Put it in God’s Hands and LEAVE it there. FAITH.



6 thoughts on “I am convinced…

  1. Very excellent article sister!
    Very very excellent.
    Only God can move in a person’s heart for a genuine conversion to happen.
    When I was being drawn by God, it was all Him that made things happen. Not a salvation salesman making things happen.

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  2. Hey sister, I wanted to run this past you, to see if you’ve ever had to deal with this.
    Remember that recent post I made about not judging people? Well that post was motivated by an interaction that I’d been having with a professing Christian who seems obsessed with judging other people’s salvation status, and was just very hard to dialogue with. It got to the point that I had to just disengage from interacting with this person, because my spirit grew more and more vexed as dialogue continued.
    (I also added into that article, that sometimes a person has to disengage from such people, and let God deal with them).
    You don’t know the person I’m talking about by the way.
    My wife gave me good advice to block this person, and I did today.

    Have you ever encountered a situation like this?

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