My son proposed to his girlfriend last night! I am going to be blessed with another daughter!

That being JOYFULLY said, I am taken back to a time that the Lord saved me from ending the life ( my life) that He allowed breath into. I think of how if I would not of cried out to Him there would be no Joe for our soon to be Kaley! That gratitude pours out in tears of so many emotions.

My Joe was conceived at what I thought was a good time in my life only to find out what I thought was “good” was about to come to an end. When Joe was allowed His day of birth all those pent up feelings of sadness hit me…BUT, GOD! When I laid my eyes on that boy I wept as I finally held him and loved him with that motherly protective love.

Thank You, Lord, for the love only you can give and that only You can place upon a Mom’s heart!

Thank You, LORD, for Your Kaley for Your Joe and vice-versa!! (and ours!) ❤

8 thoughts on “I am OVERWHELMINGLY grateful!

  1. So glad to rejoice with you at the wonderful news! May God bless them with a loving and enduring marriage where God is One of the three cords! Praises to God for His abundant blessings to you, Elizabeth! Alleluia! \o/

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