“The Things Which Are Behind”

Leave behind earth’s empty pleasure,
Fleeting hope and changeful love;
Leave its soon-corroding treasure;
There are better things above.

Leave, oh, leave thy fond aspirings,
Bid thy restless heart be still;
Cease, oh cease, thy vain desirings,
Only seek thy Father’s will.

Leave behind thy faithless sorrow,
And thine every anxious care;
He who only knows the morrow
Can for thee its burden bear.

Leave behind the doubting spirit,
And thy crushing load of sin;
By thy mighty Saviour’s merit,
Life eternal thou shalt win.

Leave the darkness gathering o’er thee,
Leave the shadow-land behind;
Realms of glory lie before thee;
Enter in, and welcome find.

~ By Frances Ridley Havergal~


* The devil will use people to throw your past back in your face. God is just and righteous to forgive when we ask. When He forgives HIs forgiveness is MUCH MORE different than that of man. He completely wipes our past away letting us start over. Because we, too, have been forgiven we should also forgive others that have trespassed against us. It is possible. We are even able to forgive one that has not even asked for our forgiveness yet~ ALL GLORY TO GOD THROUGH JESUS THE CHRIST! When we forgive others we are granted that gift of peace that only comes through God’s Holy Spirit. ~Amen ❤

Bible Verses About Forgiveness:



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