ST. PATRICK’S DAY: Celebrating a lie?

Interesting. Another one of those days where lies are told to children about “Leprechauns” as they set traps try to try to catch one of these little green “men”. Many say it is all just for “fun”. Lying to children should not be labeled “fun”…

Biblical Connection

patricks dayWith my own family name having an Irish nomenclature that is at least two thousand years old, and possible connections to the earliest Irish, Celtic, Gaelic fathers of Ireland who are said to have originated from descended from Fenius Farsaid, I find rich irony in the writings of Phillip Schaff regarding what the Roman papists have attempted to do to my ancestry. Fenius Farsaid was king of Scythia, son of Boath, grandson of Magog, son of Japheth, living at the time of Tower of Babel, while his son Niul, and his grandson Goidel Glas were contemporary of Abraham and Moses. Fenius Farsaid is said to be one of seventy-two chieftains at the Tower of Babel when the languages changed. Such is the legend.

The Irish flag is green, orange, and white; green for Catholics, orange for Protestants and white for peace between the two. Yet, while St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of green…

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