~About William~

When our William was diagnosed with Autism along with Down Syndrome we were not surprised. We just wanted to get what ever services he needed right away to help him.

William and his twin will soon be 14 years old and I am not sure where the time has gone! I do know the Lord has taught me ALOT about special needs children (ours in particular of course!) during this past 14 years.

There is a lot to share but I am aiming to share one point today.

William does not speak with his mouth. Before he started pre-school he spoke with pictures. The program is called PECS~ Picture Exchange Program. When he wanted or needed something he had to give us that picture that represented his need or want. It was a lot of tears (on his and my part) but it was finally mastered.

Ramp up to about (estimating) half way through kindergarten we were able to get a device that was audible. When William picked his want or need he pressed the picture and it “talked” for him. It was more detailed with those words that make a complete sentence.

They called my husband and I in for a meeting as they wanted to share with us how William was to use this. They sat us down and brought William in. He saw us, sat down and they asked him questions which he answered on his “talker”. He was getting visibly tired of dealing with this and this is what he “said” on his talker: “I want my Mommy.”

I was stunned and cried tears of joy and shock. You see people (including myself) tend to put special needs children in a “box”. For me I thought his thoughts were one word at a time. When I heard him “say” that in a complete sentence I couldn’t help but praise The Lord! It is amazing what technology can do to help those in need!

It is so sad to think of all those children in the past that had complete sentences running through their sweet heads and could not get them out.

God has taught me to treat any child or adult with special needs with dignity. He showed me that day that William IS a person and that he, too, has been given breath by God to live and to learn to love. He is a happy person that loves. He does know how to “talk” and think and love!

The next time you see a special needs child that can not speak remember William and what God has shown US through him! Say HI and smile. We like to be acknowledged., right?

Do not pity them TRUST ME they do not pity themselves! Do not pity the parents because PRAYERFULLY they are drawing closer to The Lord and WHAT could possibly be wrong with that?  ❤   I am at peace with our boys’ situations because God is Who He is.

One day God may allow William to speak while he is still in this world. I don’t know. I do know I have faith and will trust what ever and how ever The Lord wants to use William.




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