“We must dare to be alone.”


Dare to be a Daniel,

Dare to stand alone!

Dare to have a purpose firm!

Dare to make it known.”



From … Streams in the Desert

Yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me – John 16:32

It need not be said that to carry out conviction into action is a costly sacrifice.

It may make necessary renunciations and separations which leave one to feel a strange sense both of deprivation and loneliness.
But he who will fly, as an eagle does, into the higher levels where cloudless day abides, and live in the sunshine of God, must be content to live a comparatively lonely life.

No bird is so solitary as the eagle. Eagles never fly in flocks; one, or at most two, ever being seen at once. But the life that is lived unto God, however it forfeits…

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4 thoughts on “DARE TO BE A DANIEL

  1. Good one Elizabeth. 😃
    I re read this just now, and I thought…”I can relate to this, as I stand in Christ’s sanctification & righteousness while religion stands aloof from me with their works progressive sanctification.”

    Be encouraged sis.

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  2. Hey, I understand. No problem. You’re experiencing what I was talking about the other day. WordPress apparently doesn’t notify someone about all comments. It happens to me frequently too. There’s no tellin how many comments people never see.

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