Christians: Guilty of Bizarre Practices

I do not celebrate this “holiday” either. Not because I think I am better than anyone and not to be “legalistic” but to obey the God that saved me through His Only Begotten Son ~Jesus The Christ~ because “The Bible condemns such pagan revelry…” Why would we as Bible believing Born Again Christians want anything to do with this anyway? What good is it?

Biblical Connection

panBelievers have been found guilty of participation in pagan assimilation this week by celebrating the pagan sacred day known for vile, orgiastic sex rituals from Satanic Gnostics known as Valentine’s Day, a day known for its whips and the world’s biggest sexual-partner-swapping ritual.

The only Valentine or Valentinus of whom there is historical record was the founder of one of the most prevalent Gnostic sects, the Valentinians. He founded his school in Rome. According to Tertullian, Valentinus was a candidate for bishop of Rome but started his own group when another was chosen. The Valentinians were a group known for “adopting lovers”. They were noted in particular for their belief in “free love” and liberal view of sexuality. Valentinus, c.100-160AD, achieved a high degree of prominence in the Christian community between 135 and 160 AD and wrote the Gnostic “Gospel of Truth”. The “Gospel of Mary” and the evil “Bridal…

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