“And yet it was no little price…”~Amen

My Savior, You Have Offered Rest

My Savior, You have offered rest,
Oh! give it, then, to me;
The rest of ceasing from myself,
To find my all in Thee.
This cruel self, oh! how it strives
And works within my breast,
To come between You and my soul,
And keep me back from rest.
How many subtle forms it takes
Of seeming verity,
As if it were not safe to rest
And venture all on Thee.
And yet it was no little price
That bought this rest for me;
T’was purchased at the mighty cost
Of Jesus’ agony.
I only enter on the rest,
Obtained by labors done;
I only claim the victory
By Him so dearly won.
And, Lord, I seek a holy rest,
A victory over sin;
I seek that You alone should reign
Over all, without, within.
In quietness, then, and confidence,
Savior– my strength shall be;
And, “Take me, for I cannot come,”
Is still my cry to Thee.
In Your strong hand I lay me down,
So shall the work be done;
For who can work so wondrously
As an Almighty One?
Work on then, Lord, until on my soul
Eternal light shall break;
And in Your likeness perfected,
I, “satisfied,” shall wake.

~By Evan Hopkins ~

**It has become increasingly hard to REST in this world. To much busy-ness and not enough rest. No where do I see in God’s Word that says we should be so busy that we don’t rest. But we do. That being said it IS possible to be at REST even while we are busy. We rest in Jesus. We are allowed to be at REST knowing Who are Saviour is.  He gives us that peace that surpasses all understanding. When others see we are busy but in good spirits~ and wish to have the same~the glory goes to God when they ask where that spirit comes from! AFTER ALL IT IS BECAUSE OF GOD THROUGH JESUS THE CHRIST WE ARE ALLOWED THIS BENEFIT! Jesus paid a heavy price for our sins so we can rest! Glory to THE ONE and ONLY TRUE, JUST and MERCIFUL GOD!

I have been granted much more rest in following the Lord than I had ever found  “doing religion”. (Though now that I no longer practice a religion I am often accused of being “religious”. Always a great time to witness, with love of God’s truth,  when that accusation comes forth. )

REST, SWEET REST! Thank you, Heavenly Father, for knowing we would need Jesus!

Yes, He IS good like that, too ❤

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