My Bible


Shared~ not my words ❤

Some people don’t like my Bible.

Some people don’t like my Bible. You know them, they are the
minority, the majority, the organizations and groups. In fact they hate
my Bible, oh some say they love it but really they don’t. Some even
call themselves Christians. Yes they hate my Bible. My Bible isn’t
anything special. It is just like any Bible I have seen.

Oh yes its worn and crinkled, with notes by scriptures and highlighter on others. Maybe not much different than yours, but still they hate my Bible. You may know some of them. They may be your neighbor, a politician or a human rights activist. They just cant stand my Bible. WHY? you ask. Well because it not politically correct, no not one bit. Its Godly correct and that’s why they hate it. you see there are things in my Bible that make people uncomfortable. There are things that are not right in there eyes, but they don’t have the righteous eyes of my God to look through. There are things in my Bible that they don’t want to hear. Some even twist and change things to what they would like it to say. Maybe because they just want to do what they want and not what he wants. I don’t know. The amazing thing is that my Bible tells me that he still cares about me , you and them. Do you like my Bible?
God Bless

3 thoughts on “My Bible

  1. I love my Bible. Its my prayer that I never be without God’s Word. I don’t know what life will hold for me but I don’t want to be without my Bible…or a Bible. I don’t even want my mind to be so forgetful that I would not remember my Lord Jesus and His Word! \o/ ❤

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  2. It’s the pride of man’s heart that is the problem.

    But ya know something?
    The way some preachers wrest the scriptures doesn’t help matters any. If only everyone knew of God’s loving grace. 😃


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