As we witness so many people that death has “stopped the living tide” are we reaching out to God asking Him to “teach us to number our days”? Are we reaching out to other souls to teach them Psalm 90:12? Are our souls “neglected and undone”? Are we so wrapped up in the fun, our “status” in this world, and busyness of this world that God is or has become a two minute factor in our life?

Psalm 90:12
So teach us to number our days, that we
may apply our hearts unto wisdom.


Oh time, how few thy value weigh,
How few will estimate a day!
Days, months and years are rolling on,
The soul neglected and undone!

In painful cares, or empty joys,
Our life its precious hours destroys:
While death stands watching at our side,
Eager to stop the living tide.

Was it for this, ye mortal race,
Your Maker gave you here a place?
Was it for this his thought design’d
The frame of your immortal mind?

For nobler cares, for joys sublime,
He fashion’d all the sons of time;
Pilgrims on earth, but soon to be
The heirs of immortality.

This season of your being, know,
Is giv’n to you– your seeds to sow;
Wisdom and folly’s differing grain
In future world is bliss or pain.

Then let me every day review,
Idle or busy, search it through;
Then let us every day give heed,
To God, ourselves and time to yield.

~Poem By Dr. Thomas Scott~

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