“…finding in me no good thing…”

“Valley Victory”

Luke 9:37, 46;
Romans 7:18,25

Lord, I remember how it was upon the mountain top, that day.
We saw Thy glory and we wished that we never come away!
My heart was wholly Thine that day–
or so I thought, beneath Thy sway;
I fancied I would never follow sin again, nor from Thee stray.
But Lord– the following day…
The valley way!

The scorching shame of finding out my sin,
Seeing my greedy heart, the pride within!
How could I gorge so soon on this world’s pleasure
After that glorious glimpse of Heaven’s Treasure?

Bitter the lesson that I learned.
All of my joy to torture turned
On finding in me “no good thing;”
Desperate, I cried for rescuing.
Sweet, then, the Spirit’s voice I heard,
Breaking sin’s bonds as with a sword;
Triumphantly there came the word,
“Victory through Christ our Lord!”

Lord, I remember both those days.
For which should I offer greatest praise?

~ By Ruth Livingstonhill ~
Our Hope Magazine, August 1949


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