Denying or Accepting?

The Good Lord exposes error in our life through His Holy Spirit. We are either going to listen and be changed into a new creature  or we are going to stay in the same dry, depressive state we choose to stay in by denying ourselves His love for us.

*Dear Heavenly Holy Father,

Thank you for the peace you give us that surpasses all understanding when we hear Your voice and follow you. Thank you for showing us that in this world we will have troubles but that you have over come the world. With that knowledge comes a joy knowing we are just traveling through this world. Stopping ~lovingly~to plant seeds of  Your truth along the way at any cost.

In Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

Jesus died for you. He loves you. Yes, even you that thinks there is nothing to love about yourself. I have been you. Go to Him now. Talk to Him. Become that new creature He wants for us and that we need to be to journey through this dark, sick world. Feel His love and be at peace with our Lord ❤️.


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