ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God…PLANT THAT ON YOUR HEARTS AND IN YOUR MINDS. ❤️

2 Timothy 3:16-17

16 All scripture is given by *inspiration of God, and is *profitable for doctrine, for *reproof, for correction, for instruction in *righteousness:

17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

Have you ever  been told that The Bible isn’t for us to understand by someone that follows a man made religion?  A religion that is suppose to be Christian? When I first picked up the Bible and REALLY started reading it with the inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit some one tried to tell me that. They “wished ” me “luck” and walked a way never to talk with me about it again (yes…a relative..whom I loved dearly).  It felt as though my heart had sunk to the ground I was so sad. That person lived with that mentality til their death.

But glory to God! His Word says different in the book of 2 Timothy.  ALL- not some-ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God! Why would He have us to know the whole Bible if it weren’t for us to be  corrected and given instruction for life – for our relationship with God the Father-Abba- through our Saviour-God’s Only Begotten Son- Jesus of Nazareth?

Put down the love romances and fairy tales and edify your life and soul with THE Book that is alive and very real!  Written by the best Author EVER!  That lives forever! GOD. He gives us a means to check what it is being said in the world with what He has said and wants us to know. We have no excuse except laziness. I know,  I was lazy and rather have some one do the Biblical work for me.  Praise God no more  😄


*INSPIRATION~The act of breathing into any thing.

*PROFITABLE~Useful; advantageous.

*REPROOF~Censure for a fault. (CENSURE~Expression of disapproval)

*RIGHTEOUSNESS~The cause of our justification.


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