John 14:6

I Am The Way

Eternal peace will never cease,
Nor joy, nor hope will ever fade,
A sure Foundation that was laid
Is Jesus Christ my Lord.

God Almighty is He,
The Great “I Am” the Everlasting
Left His home, Heaven, and came to earth
The Lord Jesus offers us a “second birth”

The Jewish Messiah is He,
Who Suffered our punishment and died on Calvary’s tree
He rose from the dead, sins are forgiven
This He accomplished for you and me.

Jesus…God’s only Begotten Son,
A free gift of salvation offered to everyone
Dear friend, do you know Jesus? Today is the day!
The Lord Jesus says, “Come unto Me; I Am The Way!”

~~ Written By: Tricia Niedz ~~

** John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

**These are the very words the Lord showed me to make the veil of religion drop from in front of my eyes -that gave me a second birth-so I could see clearly HIS WAY. These are the very words said by Jesus that made me start seeing all the things I had been doing (yes including the deception of x-mas and “easter” celebrations) are clearly not necessary and are unacceptable to God almighty. Waste of time , full of empty worship, and in some cases money.

People will get angry at you. It’s okay. It’s not about us. It is not about them. It is about God the Father that has done so many miraculous things. It’s about His Majesty over all creation and peoples. What He says goes. Not what we say, “feel” or think in our imaginations. Because we have been given that love that only Jesus can give we want them to know the truth at any cost of our own relationship with them.  Truth is love.  God placed some one in our lives to be truthful with us. I know I didn’t like it at first. But now praise God I don’t believe I can ever be thankful enough for how He worked that out for me ❤️ HE IS GOOD LIKE THAT!




2 thoughts on “John 14:6

  1. It is of God that, though we fussed about not celebrating X Mass and Easter, we now would never break His heart by returning to such traditions of men! I pray that those who have heard the truth about these traditions and their un-holy-ness before God will obey Him and stop it. God, open their eyes of understanding! amen! \o/

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