Christmas Free~Year #3 Sharing with love.

When I was led out of the practice of Catholicism by God’s Holy Spirit questions starting coming to me about the celebration of Christmas. As born again believers we know exactly where to go to get God’s trusted answers. Right. God’s Written Word!

2 Timothy 3:16-17

16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

Because the Lord says no where in HIS Word to remember Him the way the world likes to (their way not His) and even those that don’t believe in or on Him celebrate it with “believers”, my conscience won’t allow me. I feel very strongly that the Lord has convicted me of this through the many questions (and answers) I have had laid upon my heart that don’t make any sense about the supposed celebration of the birth of Jesus GOD’s Only Begotten Son.

That being said I won’t debate. We are not to debate what we know has been laid upon us. We are to trust Him and obey Him. Not argue with others. Jesus never argued. He said what He said and that was it. Sometimes silence is answer enough.

If you have been wanting to stop just remember when you think you are “standing alone” you are not alone- the Holy Spirit is with you and will give you any necessary words to say. One thing the Holy Spirit has led me to say  when someone tries to reason how they “feel” is this: “It is not about you and I and about how we “feel”-faith is not based on how we feel- It is about The Lord our God and what HE says and leads us to do.”

I was very surprised to learn that many believers have had pretty much the same experience as I have.

I will tell you this it was not easy at first. Each year grows easier as we learn we are giving testimony more by not celebrating than we are  by following the hoopla of  the world. We are in the world not of it.

If you are a believer and don’t “feel” the same way that I have been shown that is between you and the Lord. Just like NOT celebrating is between me and The Lord.

Seek the truth and remember the words Jesus Himself has spoken:

John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Jesus also tells us we are to simply worship God in spirit and truth in John 4:24 “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”


10 thoughts on “Christmas Free~Year #3 Sharing with love.

  1. Thanks, Elizabeth, for your encouraging words. I am X Mass free for 10 years now. Its wonderfully freeing and I’ve experienced a higher regard for God in all things ever since. What a patient God! Praises be to Him who calls us to come out from among them!

    God bless you and yours this beautiful Lord’s Day, amen!~

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    1. Amen, Nathan! One of many things I wondered is how does one separate the lie of a “Santa” from the truth of God when God IS real and He is the only one that sees everything we do or do not do? To tell our children that a “Santa” does what God does IS A LIE. There is no way around that!

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      1. One train of thought is that the evil one has done a lot of work to lead people into thinking there is no God. Sadly, many are deceived following fairy tales and the creatures from those tales. One truly amazing aspect of God, and like you said, He does see everything we do, is that He knows what’s in our hearts also. Good or bad. Peace to you this fine day!

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      2. Exactly! How about the statue of “Santa” kneeling at the manger of a “baby Jesus”. That is all creepy to me now. All glory and honor to God for opening our eyes! I pray many more are opened this year so they free themselves to honor and worship Him through spirit and truth. Amen ❤

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  2. Years ago I read an article written by a missionary. When living in another culture, he followed the practices and celebrations of that culture provided they did not contradict God’s commands and promises. This made it easier for the people among whom he was living to respect his presence among them and to listen to what he had to say.Returning to the United States, he recognized that Christmas is a cultural practice largely pagan in origin. He and his family treated Christmas as a two-part celebration. One part was Christian, with the focus on Jesus; the other part was secular, with the focus on American cultural practices. He did not surrender Christmas to the world, but found ways to communicate about Christ through the secular Christmas celebrations. J.

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    1. Interesting, J. Thanks for sharing that. When I first started questioning Christ~mass one of the first things I questioned was the tree. Why do we silly ~supposedly~God fearing people sing a song glorifying a tree? Seeing that it was a type of idol worship I got rid of it. The next year we used an empty manger -surrounded by fleshly gifts and on Christ~mass day we put the “baby Jesus” in it. That still didn’t seem right so the next year we had a pile of wants wrapped in pretty paper on our antique corner table. Seemed silly. That is when I started seeking the scriptures. I couldn’t believe all the things we did to worship the Lord the way we wanted to was not in there…3 wise men at the manger???? How about a Santa kneeling at the manger of a baby Jesus? There is nothing left in that tradition I care to teach my children. I have older ones that I have had to try to tell them why it is wrong and one day I pray they seek God. It is not my truth I share. It is God’s.

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