“…leave the Egypt…” (and other true quotes)

“If we would follow the
Lord wholly, we must
go right away into the
wilderness of separation,
and leave the Egypt of the
carnal world behind us.
We must leave its maxims,
its pleasures, and its
religion too, and go
far away to the place
where the Lord calls
His sanctified ones.”

~C.H. Spurgeon


**”You can do more than pray
after you have prayed, but
you cannot do more than
pray until you have prayed.”

**”In prayer it is better to have
a heart without words than
words without a heart.”


**”Prayers and Praises
go in pairs,
They hath praises who
hath prayers.”


**”A Bible that’s falling apart
is usually owned by
someone who isn’t.”


**”There’s a big difference
between the books that men
make and the Book that
makes men”



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