Gods people: Stiffnecked, Rebellious or ?

Amen and amen.


In the book of Exodus we find the Lord refers to the Hebrews as Stiffnecked,  this is translated several ways:

Stiffnecked :
impossible to deal with. very stubborn [a stiff-necked people]. oh! what a stubborn, hard-headed people! they are an obstinate people. they are a strong-willed people.  (stiffnecked, obstinate people); unbelievably stubborn.

Sounds like the Church today, the people are ready to split off and go their separate ways because of the color of the carpet, the removal of the back row of seats,  a word spoken in anger or rebuke. …they will not accept correction, chastisement. Refusing to submit themselves to the Word or Will of God.

in Deuteronomy the Lord refers to them as Rebellious and this is translated :

Rebellious :
you have refused to obey the Lord. refused to obey [rebelled against] ” And what did you do? You rebelled. Rebelled against the clear orders of…

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