“Because, I don’t want YOU to.”

Being rebel hearted, at the young age of fourteen I started smoking. I loved smoking-mostly because I should not have been doing it. That bad habit (which turned into an addiction) also, led me to steal smokes from my parents and from where ever and who ever I could steal them from.

I had gained that “I can quit when I want” mentality. Boy, was that one of the furthest things from the truth! I hit a point in my adult years that I got tired of the dirty, nasty habit. I found out I couldn’t just quit. The hardest part of quitting for me was always the withdrawals.  That is why “I” – “me” couldn’t quit.

I even continued to smoke-guilt filled-after I became saved. One day I realized that this was so against what the Lord that saved me wanted for the “temple”  He had allowed me to have.  God’s holy spirit got ahold of me! I prayed all the time -I even prayed while I was smoking. I prayed with FAITH that only He could help me with this. I KNEW-had FAITH- He could.

One day I fell ill. My daughter being an emergency room nurse took me to her hospital thinking I was having a heart attack. One of the first questions they asked me was “Do you smoke” and I told them “not anymore!”. Before I left I took those cigarettes and threw them away. I KNEW I was done.  I was just going to have to suffer those withdrawals and the Lord was just going to HAVE to see me through!

Turned out that I was not having a heart attack-I had heartburn (which can also be a health factor contributed from smoking)!

I came home and fell asleep on the couch that night at 11. I could hear things going on around me the next day but couldn’t wake up. It was like I was paralyzed. I slept until 10:30 the following night! I never slept or do sleep like that! When I finally woke up I didn’t even think about smoking!  ALL GLORY TO GOD NOT ONE WITHDRAWAL! I was 45 years old! 31 years of that addiction and the LORD CURED ME in less than 24 hours! We are never too old to have the LORD see us through and change us! NEVER!

EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD FOR HIS HONOR AND GLORY! I could not have done that on my own-NO WAY-I TRIED! This was one more humbling experience the Lord has allowed me. I do not find myself condemning anyone for smoking because I have been there. I know how hard of a dirty habit it is to break on one’s own! I have been allowed a “smoker’s testimony” to be shared when the opportunity arises! No CHANTIX or patches, or pills…

We must have FAITH in Jesus confessing we are a sinner that needs Him as our Saviour. When we come to Him His light shines on our darkness and starts working on those things we have been doing that go against Him! Those things that make us filthy! He cleanses us and works out the dirty  heart and our dirty habits! He is there to help us-to see us through-WHY NOT USE HIM FOR OUR BENEFIT? If we don’t use Him than what He did for us was done in vain. God is not a liar-what Jesus did was not in vain it was for the benefit of everyone! HALLELUJAH!

If you have an addiction you are struggling with-confess it to Him -and admit to Him you can not stop on your own, that you need the help of the Great Physician-Jesus! Be ready to be tempted to “go back”! The devil is a liar! he doesn’t like when we turn to the Lord! Remember that what the LORD took you out of,  He can keep you out of!  He has already won our battles for us through what He did for us on the cross! Don’t forget that! What He has in store for us is way better than any fleshly filled addiction that becomes a ball and chain in our lives! HE FREES US! Makes us a new creature just like His Word says in 2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

Remember also that what the LORD has taken you out of is because He wants you out of that particular thing. He deals with us each individually through the holy spirit. I had once asked the Lord when I saw a Christian wearing a t-shirt that announced the name of their church building on it smoking. I asked the Lord why  that person could smoke and I could not? Before I could get the word “not” finished this is what I “heard”:  “Because, I don’t want YOU to” . Yes. emphasis on the “YOU”.  I took that as a you worry about “yourself”! That was enough for me 🙂

Matthew 19:26

26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God *all things are possible.

*Jesus said ALL THINGS-not SOME things




8 thoughts on ““Because, I don’t want YOU to.”

  1. My father smoked (usually a pipe rather than cigarettes). My sister smoked. They both managed to quit. If it’s not too strong, the scent of burning tobacco can be nostalgic to me. But tobacco is one of the few legal bad habits I have never tried. Congratulations on your blessing of freedom from tobacco. J.

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  2. Your story is pretty much mine. What was really awful was stealing my grandmother’s filter-less Pall Malls when Dad’s Kents or Mom’s Vantages weren’t available. aCk! I bacame afraid that I had tongue cancer plus I had acid reflux so I went to the doctor’s and got Chantix. Like you, I mourned over the filthy habit being that I was a child of God. So, I began the Chantix on my wedding anniversary and by my 50th birthday I was free! Actually, by the second phase of the Chantix I was getting ill from them and found that I was able to do without it. I give God all of the praise because of it. \o/

    God bless you, Elizabeth! amen~

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  3. Is your name Elizabeth? Well, I thoroughly enjoyed your post! I am a current smoker of cigarettes. I know it’s a filthy habit. I know they’re bad for me. ‘Lord, I know and acknowledge that I am a sinner!’ I pray that I too can be freed from this nasty habit. At one time I ran a 12.37 two mile run while in the army. I may not ever be able to do that again but I do want to purify my temple for the Lord and His glory. Thank you for sharing your testimony about your experiences with smoking!

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    1. HI, Nathan! Yes my name is Elizabeth. Smoking is a “tough one”! You keep praying with faith and He will help you, too! We will pray for you, too! I am happy you enjoyed the testimony the Lord has given me! Can’t wait to hear yours and how you started running again! ALL GLORY TO OUR GOD!

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