“…And He will teach Thy heart at length a new perpetual song.”

When I was a teenager I lived with my Aunt, her family and my Grandma for a time. When my Grandma would get up she would throw the blinds open and  say “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY!” I would get up from the kitchen table, grumbling and harshly shut those blinds. I didn’t like the light to break my darkness. BUT NOW…WOW! I wish I could describe to you the beauty of the sun rising in the country this morning as I look out my east window!! The colors are brilliant! Only our God could create a sky so magnificent! His Majesty! May we arise appreciating Him and His many many many wonders! Have a blessed day remembering how blessed we are even in our afflictions and that we have been blessed with a new perpetual song! OH, HOW I LOVE JESUS!


What though the blossom fall and die?
The flower is not the root;
The sun of love may ripen yet
The Master’s pleasant fruit.

What though by many a sinful fall
Thy garments are defiled?
A Saviour’s blood can cleanse them all:
Fear not! thou art His child.

Arise! and, leaning on His strength,
Thy weakness shall be strong;
And He will teach Thy heart at length
A new perpetual song.

Arise! to follow in His track
Each holy footprint clear,
And on an upward course look back
With every brightening year.

Arise! and on thy future way
His blessing with thee be!
His presence be thy staff and stay,
Till Thou His glory see.

~By Frances Ridley Havergal ~



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